Now operating as CaSE & Pike Design

In a merge designed to deliver enhanced client-first thinking and holistic innovation, CaSE Design has joined forces with Pike Engineering.

CaSE & Pike Design is a design and technical consulting team providing temporary works design, permanent works interface, design coordination and bridge construction engineering.

Our team of experts is recognised across the globe for offering pragmatic, robust and reliable construction solutions on major projects across the civil and structural engineering sector.

CaSE & Pike Design has a dynamic team across the globe that can integrate seamlessly with your site organisation. We do this early in the planning process to ensure we set the project up for success.

We offer advice and solutions to our clients at all stages of the infrastructure life cycle.

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Problem Solving

Our experts are able to draw on a wealth of experience and know-how to resolve difficult feasibility issues and provide value engineered concept solutions to set projects off in a positive direction.

Our core focus includes:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Optioneering and comparing of alternatives
  • Permanent Works interfacing
  • Constructability
  • Solutions for Complex Structures
  • Tender Support/Advice
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Design Development

CaSE & Pike Design now delivers Design solutions using BIM (Building Construction Software).

With extensive experience in the creation and management of specialist temporary works and resolving interfacing issues with permanent works, our teams are well versed in all that is required to make sure final design solutions are fit for purpose.

Our core focus includes:

  • Temporary works design
  • Stage-by-stage analysis (of construction stages)
  • Pre-camber and Geometry Control (long-line and short-line casting)
  • Load transfer analysis
  • Post-tensioning optimisation
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Bridge formwork systems
  • Precast segmental moulds
  • Form travellers
  • Pier/core formwork systems: Jump form, Climb form
  • Proprietary systems for falsework and formwork (walls, slabs, beams, access scaffold)
  • Erection equipment: Segment lifter, Launching gantry, heavy lift towers
  • Independent Third Party checks of temporary works design

Engineering Support

With engineering running through our veins our teams work in partnership with you across the various steps in the construction process.

Our core focus includes:

  • Construction methods, particularly for balanced cantilever bridges, viaducts, cable-stayed bridges and incremental launches
  • Specialist construction advice, such as precast segments, post-tensioning and more
  • Crane lift studies
  • Heavy lift / transport solutions
  • Fabrication detailing
  • Assistance on the procurement of bridge construction equipment
  • Temporary works coordination/ supervision/inspection
  • Maintenance, repair, strengthening and refurbishment of bridges and structures


Sydney Metro Northwest
Sydney Metro’s landmark 270-metre cable-stayed bridge and viaduct.+