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We stay connected

We strive to stay connected as a team through communication and collaboration. This materialises every quarter through our Quarterly Business Update events. These gatherings are immersive sessions where every team member, regardless of rank or tenure, comes together to contribute to our overarching business strategy, and stay connected. They are opportunities to learn from our seasoned leaders and to also share personal insights and achievements that can steer our collective future. In an ever-evolving engineering landscape, staying connected isn’t just a benefit—it’s essential.
Participation in prominent Industry Events and Networking Opportunities is an integral part of our connectivity. These platforms provide our team with unparalleled access to emerging trends, cutting-edge innovations, and influential thought leaders in the infrastructure domain. But beyond the learning, it's also about fostering connections. By immersing ourselves in these events, our team members forge strong relationships with colleagues, industry peers, and valued clients, enhancing both their personal growth and our collective prowess.
Through our strategic memberships with esteemed associations like Engineers Australia, Roads Australia, Australian Airports Association and the National Association of Women in Construction (to name a few), we open doors for our employees to tap into a range of benefits; from advanced training sessions, seminars, and workshops to networking events that bring together the best minds in the field. Moreover, the continuous knowledge flow and collaborative opportunities ensure that our employees remain at the forefront of engineering advancements. We stay connected with an industry that's constantly evolving, ensuring growth is both personal and professional for all our employees.

We believe in diversity & inclusion

At CaSE we do not just accept difference — we celebrate it, we support it, and we thrive on it for the benefit of our employees, our services, our industry and our community. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

Our Commitment to reinventing the standard

Guided by our values and beliefs, we foster an inclusive workplace culture where employees thrive because of their differences, not in spite of them.

With more than 20 nationalities represented in our global workforce, we firmly believe that our ability to deliver high-quality results is fueled by our active efforts to embed diversity and inclusion. We recognise, respect, and strive to create an environment where employees can excel and feel a true sense of belonging.

Some of our strategic initiatives include:

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  • Commitment to Equality and Diversity Policy
  • Unbiased and equal opportunity for hiring
  • Annual review of the gender pay gap
  • Providing education and traineeships
  • Undergraduate programs
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • EAP partnership for mental wellbeing
  • Multicultural celebration days
  • Awards and recognitions

We celebrate success

At CaSE we understand that every achievement, big or small, is a result of the hard work and dedication of our team members. We take pride in celebrating these moments because they underscore the commitment and effort put into each project.

Some of our favourite events on the calendar include our coveted Melbourne Cup event and our always amazing Christmas Party. In-between, our team celebrate together during team cycling events, regular team dinners and social morning teas to celebrate milestones and special days. Taking the time to celebrate wins is our way of showing gratitude and ensuring everyone knows their efforts make a difference.

Employee Appreciation Program

Our Employee Appreciation Program is tailored to honor the ongoing commitment and efforts of our long-serving team members. Our 5 Year Club and 10 Year Club are special milestones within this program, celebrating employees who have dedicated half a decade or a full decade to our company mission. Each year, members of these clubs are invited to annual events held at select, memorable locations, reflecting our gratitude and recognition of their unwavering dedication. It's our way of saying thank you and ensuring that every significant chapter in our collective journey is celebrated with the grandeur it deserves.

Being an engineer at CaSE involves transforming visions into reality. I am continually inspired by our collaborative culture, which drives me to achieve this every day.

Daiana Perfoll
Senior Design Engineer
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I am excited to be involved in the 2024 RA Fellows Program on behalf of CaSE and look forward to developing my leadership and business development skills and expanding my knowledge of the transport industry.

Russel Odendaal
Principal Structural Engineer
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I love the challenges we have as engineers to solve problems. From long-term planning to day-to-day. No two days are the same.

Sumesha Durais
Senior Project Engineer
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One of my main motivators for joining CaSE was the development opportunities available and involvement in specialised structural engineering works. In my first year, I have been applying my knowledge and experience in structural design, proof engineering, and inspections to temporary works for major infrastructure projects.

Frazer McCloy
Design Engineer
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