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CaSE Digital Construction is our new service, to redefine the boundaries of construction and bring infrastructure to life. Combining construction expertise with digital technology, we provide tailored solutions to address evolving infrastructure challenges.

We incorporate digital tools across the entire project lifecycle. Whether utilising 3D models to create lifelike videos that communicate methodologies or offering site digitisation for remote inspections, we assist clients in mitigating risks, increasing productivity, and enhancing project understanding before implementing on-site.

Experience the future of engineering with CaSE Digital Construction.

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CaSE Digital Construction

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Areas of Expertise


Employ realistic animations, videos and fly-throughs created from digital 3D models to effectively communicate complex projects. These visualisations ensure accurate representation of plans, fostering community understanding and early identification of safety, workforce and user issues.

Site Digitisation

Make use of cutting-edge digital technologies such as laser scanning and photogrammetry for swift and efficient scanning to precisely measure site conditions or project progress. With minimal investment, streamline data collection, save workforce time, and make informed decisions based on validated information.

Construction Safety

By simulating construction processes, our 3D modelling allows for advanced testing of safety plans and methods. Utilise in tailored induction and training programs to effectively communicate safety protocols for superior staff engagement - surpassing what can be communicated via traditional methods of drawings and documents.

BIM & Digital Engineering

Timely decision-making is paramount. Benefit from advanced clash detection and design resolution capabilities embedded within BIM & Digital Engineering, minimising conflicts, enhancing project efficiency and optimising material quantites. Our comprehensive solutions integrate 3D models with time (4D) and cost (5D) for advanced project planning and management.

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