Grafton Bridge

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Project Details

This project is an NSW Government $240 million funded projects which involves building an additional 525 metre bridge 70 meters downstream from the existing road and rail bridge.   The precast segmental balanced cantilever bridge comprised pier segments in two pieces and not casting the diaphragm which reduced the lift weight significantly.

Our Role

CaSE was involved in supporting Fulton Hogan. First completing temporary works designs and engineering support for the transportation of segments on SPMT, the lifting of the segments, diaphragm formwork design, access systems, independent check of temporary works.

CaSE also provided PW Design and methodology review including liaison with PW designer, advice on geometry control and end span falsework design.

CaSE contractors provided experienced bridge personnel to erect the bridge. The CaSE Engineers oversaw segment erection, post-tensioning, logistics, optimization of precasting methods, pier segment diaphragm construction. All are per the TfNSW spec. CaSE was also involved in the checking of the rail bridge during transportation, temporary propping design, and concrete deck falsework.

New South Wales, AU
Project Value
AUD 240m
Fulton Hogan
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  • Segment Lifting designs
  • Segment transportation
  • Design of access systems
  • Design of Formwork for diaphragm Insitu pour
  • Independent check of temporary works
  • Endspan Falsework design
  • Advice on Geometry Control
  • Methodology Review
  • Engineering Advice
  • Provision of Engineers
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