Shape the future of infrastructure and engineering with us

Our people are our strongest pillar

We are on a trajectory of continued expansion, both in Australia and around the world. We invite engineers with a shared vision to be a part of our journey.

Our people are our strongest pillar. Becoming a part of our team means joining a closely connected group of engineering experts who back each other in every endeavor.


Who we are

We pride ourselves on being a family-focused, engineering-led collective, facilitating significant infrastructure projects around the globe.

Known for our ability to advance stalled projects and navigate large-scale, complex initiatives, we tailor our solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients in different regions of the world.

There when you need us, we have earned a strong reputation based on our technical expertise, and collaborative approach, making us a reliable partner in times of high demand and fluctuating workloads. Within the CaSE Group, we offer five specialist practice areas:

Our Vision

To empower our partners to shape the future, continuously innovate, and foster collaborations that leave an enduring legacy in the realm of infrastructure.

Our People

The competence and resilience of our people serve as a backbone for the legacy we are building.

Every individual plays an essential role and is not just a face in the crowd, but a pivotal element in our shared success. All our CaSE engineers enjoy the thrill of solving complex problems on some of the world’s biggest infrastructure projects, and we know you will too.

Visit our Team page to learn more about the team you’ll join forces with when you join the CaSE team.

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Our Culture

We tackle industry-leading projects with a team of professionals who leave a lasting impact on their projects and colleagues. Our team thrives on a culture rooted in collective admiration and cooperation, ensuring everyone collaborates to deliver unparalleled outcomes for both peers and partners.

We also love to make time to stop and celebrate our client and our team’s success along the way.

Our Projects

Whether it's design, construction or traffic management, CaSE offers unparalleled expertise and support at every stage of the project lifecycle across multiple sectors such as Bridge, Rail, Road, Tunnel and Airport. We specialise in solving the most complex problems when others can't, making us a reliable partner in times of high demand and fluctuating workloads.

Visit our Projects page here to learn more about the types of projects you will be working on when you join the CaSE team.

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Our Benefits

Our commitment to success extends far beyond project achievements — it lies in the heart of our investment in people. From mentorship initiatives to ongoing learning opportunities, mental health support, and proactive measures to address economic challenges, our focus on our team forms the cornerstone of the CaSE experience. Visit our benefits page and learn more about our initiatives.


Work at CaSE

At CaSE, diversity isn't just embraced; it's celebrated. As an equal opportunity employer, we celebrate differences, recognising the unique contributions of our global workforce with over 20 nationalities. Our commitment extends beyond rhetoric, encompassing strategic initiatives from unbiased hiring to education programs tailored and designed. Our connected team stays at the forefront through quarterly updates, industry events, and strategic partnerships to ensure professional growth in an ever-evolving engineering landscape.

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