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Supporting Women in Engineering

As a global company,  CaSE is committed to increasing diversity and the representation of women in the construction and engineering industry across the world.

We are inspired by the diverse personalities, creativity and unique approach women offer to the engineering industry, and celebrate the contributions of women and men towards making engineering a diverse and inclusive profession.

Our growing team creates opportunities for engaging and supporting women at all stages of their careers, from graduate to executive, embracing their expertise and value to the engineering community.

A Workplace that Empowers Women

CaSE provides an exciting space for women to thrive by matching skills and opportunities and celebrating achievements. A space where we can inspire, encourage and retain our specialist engineering expertise through all life events and acknowledge the role of women in society.

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Women in Engineering

Bridging the gender gap

In 2020, statistics reported a 13% representation of women in the engineering industry.  CaSE’s engineering team includes 20% female team members. We proactively aim to increase this number globally to 30% in 2025 through our company’s initiatives.

  • Promoting an inclusive culture
  • Professional development and events
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Annual review of the gender pay gap
  • Policy to support diversity and inclusion


We are committed to help create opportunities that support women in building the career they aspire to.

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