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Project Details

SABAH AL AHMAD CORRIDOR (previously called Al Bustan) is part of the Qatar Expressway Programm and aims to provide an alternative to the existing expressway with free flow traffic on a length of 14 km from the North of Central Doha to the South, to improve connectivity to the FIFA World Cup stadiums. The project involved upgrading the existing main road by constructing various overhead bridges over existing crossroads, as well as connecting ramps to remove traffic lights.

Our Role

The Qatar’s Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has awarded CCC (Consolidated Contractors Group) a 774mUSD contract to design and build the Al-Bustan Street North project.

As part of the Al Bustan Street project, junction B6 is an interchange designed to enhance the connectivity at the existing crossing of Al Shamal Road highway, going over the proposed Al Bustan Street on an existing bridge. The new junction includes 8 bridges B1 to B8, with 2 levels of ramps over the highway, up to 30m above ground level.

Bridges B3 to B8 are precast box concrete segmental built with balanced cantilever method, with spans up to 90m. VSL Middle East has been engaged by CCC to precast and erect these bridges.

Some spans are required to be erected by custom designed Lifting Frame on the deck, due to crane access restrictions. VSL Middle East (ME) has engaged VSL Technical Centre Singapore (TC SG) to design the Lifting Frames to lift 80t precast segments, pass through and rotate them. CaSE Design has performed the role of Independent Checking Engineer for this complex temporary works for VSL.

Consolidated Contractors Group
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