CaSE Design celebrates 3 years of partnership with Barry Pike

19 Jan 2024
CaSE Design celebrates 3 years of partnership with Barry Pike

Marking the 3rd anniversary of the partnership between CaSE and Pike Design, we sit down with Barry Pike, an expert in the construction industry with over 45 years of experience. Barry's professional journey offers an expert perspective view of the construction and design sector in Australia. His in-depth understanding of the industry's evolution, combined with his firsthand experiences and forward-thinking vision, provides highly valuable insights. In addition to his collaborative working attitude as well as his mentoring of our younger generation of Temporary Works Design Engineers, we're set to explore his professional narrative, focusing on the expertise and wisdom he has attained throughout his career.

1. Reflecting on the 3-year partnership with CaSE, what have been the key highlights and achievements during this period?  

My experience in partnership with CaSE has been filled with many highlights. Given my 32 years of owning and directing my own business, working in collaboration with CaSE was a new concept for me. However, I was ready for a change, and from the beginning, the choice to join forces with CaSE was tactical, centred around a joint effort involving the whole team. Our team is working very well together and has formed a strong relationship, it has definitely been a great contributor to our success.

There have been many achievements throughout this partnership, but notably, winning the design of temporary works for large bridge projects globally stands out. Our team has also grown significantly, with the addition of many highly qualified professionals, each bringing individual experience to the table.

2. With over 45 years of experience, how have you seen the industry evolve over the years? What are the significant changes or trends that stand out to you? 

I've seen big changes over the years within the industry. One of the most significant shifts I've observed is the scale of projects. They have become substantially larger over the years. Adapting to this is important to ensure CaSE and Pike Design can take on any project that is offered to us. Major infrastructure projects require different skillsets, and we are constantly adapting our methods and strategies to be able to fulfill them. 

Another notable change is construction projects shifting to a design and construct structure. This requires a more collaborative and holistic approach, where the responsibility for both designing and building lies with one entity. By working with this model, we've been able to improve project coordination, reduce the overall timeline, and ensure greater consistency in the quality of the final output. 

3. Can you share a project from the partnership with CaSE that you found particularly special and why?  

The involvement in the Surface and Civil Alignment Works (SCAW) project, for the Sydney Metro Developments was definitely a big highlight for me. In this project, we're seeing the application of several CaSE & Pike Designs’. 

It's particularly rewarding to see concepts I've developed over the years being used in this key infrastructure development for Sydney Metro, combining past experience with current design challenges.

4. Looking ahead, what do you see as the future trends and challenges, and how do you anticipate adapting your approach to continue delivering successful outcomes? 

A trend now is digitisation, which can be very helpful in visualisation of situations. The challenge is to “keep it real” – on construction projects there is always so much physical work to be done on site. This needs to be appreciated to achieve successful temporary works designs. My approach has been to simplify wherever possible. A complicated procedure in design rarely leads to an efficient process on site.

5. As an industry legend, what advice would you give to young professionals, especially in the context of evolving technologies and project management practices regarding Temporary Works?  

Engaging with experienced professionals and the site personnel is so valuable. If there's something you're unsure about, don't hesitate to ask questions. It's crucial to observe your designs in action on site, and even when they prove successful, aim to simplify, and improve for the next project. Talk to the site guys using the design, they will soon tell you where any problems lie or where it could be more efficient. Always seek to learn and innovate.

Barry Pike's insights from his extensive career in construction and design, highlight a successful integration of experience and innovation. Over the past three years, his partnership with CaSE Design has led to significant achievements and we appreciate the years of experience that Barry brings to us. Barry's emphasis on adapting to industry evolution, while maintaining simplicity in design, underscores the combined strength of CaSE and Pike Design in facing future challenges. Barry’s expertise is a clear indication of the power of strategic partnerships in driving industry advancements.

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