An Industry Legend Merges With CaSE Design

10 Dec 2020
Jonathan Davies Barry Pike CaSE Pike Design Merger

CaSE Design has merged with Pike Engineering in one of the most exciting milestones to date. 

With Barry Pike now a Senior Consultant, our client-first thinking will be strengthened to mark another step forward. Barry is nothing sort of an industry legend. His contributions to the heavy civil construction industry as well as complex bridge projects over the past 45 years have had an indelible impact on all our lives.  

Ever enjoyed a game at the ANZ Stadium, or travelled through the Sydney Harbour Tunnel, taken the elevated loop route on your way to Sydney Domestic Airport, driven along the Melbourne CityLink, appreciated the views along the Gateway Bridge or marvelled at the history of Jindabyne Dam? Barry has applied his brilliance and brains to all those structures and plenty more.  

Have you always known you wanted to be an engineer?

"Surprisingly no, I originally wanted to be an architect but didn't get accepted at University! So I ended up studying Civil Engineering and it's the best thing that happened to me."

What do you love the most about your job?

"I love being involved in new infrastructure projects, I think it's very important to stay relevant on what is happening around us. I particularly like being a part of the temporary works component."

Best career advice you have received?

“I saw the advantages in pursuing outcomes that made things easy for the team on the ground. And the KISS approach is fail-safe – it’s never let me down.”

It’s this pragmatic problem-solving Barry has become renowned for, combined with an extraordinary bank of knowledge. The knowledge that’s adapted to radical industry changes. Once upon a time, Barry could be found at the drawing table stationed on-site, sketching the designs by hand. Yet in 1991 engineering tools changed forever and Barry went from using a slide rule for calculations to a spreadsheet and CAD software instead of a pencil to draw. He never looked back.  

Behind such triumphs is a humble, gracious man, ever-ready to mentor the next generation of engineers with the same bright-eyed curiosity he had as a boy. 

We’re incredibly thrilled he’s chosen to work alongside us.  

Get in touch with Barry Pike for your projects.


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