Employee Spotlight: A closer look at Daiana's experience at CaSE Brazil

27 Feb 2024

In this interview, we sit down with Daiana Perfoll, a Senior Design Engineer at CaSE Brazil. In this conversation, we explore the elements that shape a successful engineering career. Daiana shares her experiences and perspectives on the industry and highlights the factors that contribute to professional growth in the world of structural and design engineering, and her personal journey at CaSE.

1. Can you highlight specific aspects of the "CaSE culture" that you find most conducive to your professional growth and job satisfaction?

The opportunity to attend industry events. For example, the culture to encourage and sponsor our participation in bridge and structural conferences is valuable at CaSE. This adds value to us as professionals as we can network with experts from the national and international markets. Also, this is a great way to update our knowledge regarding bridge construction techniques, standards, materials, and products to improve the quality of our designs and provide a collaborative case study for researchers in the engineering industry.

2. In the construction of the Mane Garrincha Stadium, you delivered a significant steel assembly in a tight timeframe. Could you share how you managed this and what strategies you employed to ensure the project's success?

The success of this project goes far beyond experienced designers, planners and builders. In reality, it has a deep relation with each individual’s passion for engineering, and the feeling of honour and gratitude for being able to be part of a project of such magnitude. This project was a work of art that started as a dream and that I woke up every day motivated to join forces with others to make it come true.

As an engineer, my dream is to be remembered for the awesome bridges and stadiums I design and build. So, my strategy is pretty simple: I make sure to always join people who love engineering, dream big, and put in the hard work. It's not just about the technical stuff; it's about creating something incredible together with a team that shares the same passion and excitement.

3. Considering your experience with the Mane Garrincha Stadium and the engagement of CaSE in various Australian projects, do you envision applying your expertise to potential infrastructural projects associated with the upcoming 2032 Olympics in Brisbane? How might your skills align with the opportunities presented by this significant sporting event?

Given my past involvement in projects like the Mane Garrincha Stadium and the extensive experience of the CaSE team in global projects, the prospect of applying my expertise to infrastructural projects linked to the upcoming 2032 Olympics in Brisbane would be genuinely exciting. The idea of contributing to the development of sports infrastructure in Australia at any scale, especially considering my background as a former athlete, adds is one I consider with great enthusiasm.

Reflecting on my journey, I've significantly honed my skills during my four years at CaSE, particularly in the analysis and dimensioning of both temporary and permanent structures. This growth positions me well to tackle the intricate demands of constructing a stadium roof. I am confident that our team of engineers and designers could effectively navigate the complexity of planning the construction sequence. With a blend of past experiences and newfound capabilities, I am eager to bring my skills to the forefront and contribute meaningfully to the success of such a significant sporting event.

4. You have proficiency in various project development, management, and design software. What software tools do you find most valuable in your day-to-day work?

Nowadays, as a structural design engineer, the software I use most for the analysis and design of steel, concrete and wood materials is Tekla Structure Design and Tedds from Trimble, for geotechnical projects we use Wallap and Slope software from Geosolve. One of the other things I enjoy about working at CaSE is that the team and leaders are always looking at new ways to innovate and provide clients with solutions powered by next technology. I am excited by what is coming next for CaSE in this area.

5. What has been your favourite project while working for CaSE, and what aspects of that project made it stand out for you?

My favourite project at CaSE was the renovation of the Union Chain suspension bridge, an 18th-century structure connecting Scotland to England. This project held special significance for me, not only due to the technical challenges reminiscent of those I faced early in my career as a structural engineer with CaSE but also because it resonated with my initial experiences as a civil engineer and my undergraduate work on the Hercílio Luz Bridge in Florianopolis, Brazil. The project reflects my growth and expertise, showcasing how I have overcome challenges like those encountered earlier in my career.

Daiana's career shows the importance of passion, innovation, and a supportive work environment in driving professional success within the engineering industry. Daiana’s work at CaSE exemplifies our people being our strongest pillar. If you are interested in joining the CaSE team, visit our careers page, and discover the available opportunities around the world.

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