Frazer McCloy celebrates a year of achievements at CaSE & Pike Design

08 Nov 2023
Frazer McCloy celebrates a year of achievements at CaSE & Pike Design

Today, we're excited to shine a spotlight on Frazer McCloy, our Design Engineer, who recently completed his first year at CaSE & Pike Design team.

In this interview, we explore the journey and professional experiences of this dedicated professional who has been a valuable member of the CaSE & Pike Design team for the past year.

1- How did your journey with CaSE begin, and what have you been doing in your first year with us?

One of my main motivators for joining CaSE was the development opportunities available and involvement in specialised structural engineering works. My first few weeks at the company were especially busy, involving a few days in the Brisbane office, followed by a trip to Canberra for the Snowy Hydro project, and a stop in Sydney on the return journey to attend the CaSE 5-year and CJC 10-year client event. Not long after, I enjoyed a couple of weeks of holiday for my wedding and honeymoon.

In my first year, I have been applying my knowledge and experience in structural design, proof engineering, and inspections to temporary works for major infrastructure projects. Key project involvements include Cross River Rail, Sydney Gateway, SCAW, and Botany Rail, to name a few.

2 - What aspects of your work do you find particularly important, and could you share the most satisfying experience you've had so far?

At CaSE, we work closely and collaboratively with our clients in the construction of key infrastructure throughout Australia. We are able to offer a quality service to clients who are keen to engage us for both our in-house design and our site support capabilities. I have found a key focal point within the business to be the constructability aspect of design. I have seen firsthand the issues that arise when constructability is not considered in the design stage.

In the temporary works space, there is a quick turnaround from design to construction, which is a refreshing change of pace compared to my permanent works background. In terms of a satisfying experience, it would be the opportunity to travel to the site to inspect my own designs only a matter of days after issuing the documentation in some instances.

3 - Looking ahead, what's next for you in your career?

With 5 years of experience in structural engineering, next up for me is looking to achieve chartership status. Having experience in both temporary and permanent works as well as the full life cycle of structures from design to asset management and demolition, I believe I am at a stage where I can work competently and independently to achieve quality outcomes.

4 - You have achieved significant success as a young professional. What advice would you give to others interested in pursuing a similar path?

A key contributor to where I have landed in this industry is informal mentoring. Mentoring is a two-way street, and my advice to those on a similar path is to position yourself where you can best leverage a relationship with an experienced colleague. Develop trust in this relationship by your response to feedback and striving for quality in your work for the benefit of your personal brand and company reputation.

5 - Additionally, could you tell us about your favourite CaSE project and explain why it holds a special place in your career?

I had the opportunity to proof engineer and inspect the casting cells for the Western Sydney Airport SCAW project. This was a complex structure that required detailed structural analysis and modelling to understand the load effects induced in the structure. This project combined my experiences in temporary and permanent works and was a great example of the complex and specialised work the business is capable of.

That said, in my career, I have had limited involvement in Brisbane-based projects. So, as a Brisbane local, when Cross River Rail is completed, and I am walking through the Roma St, Albert St, and Gabba Stations in the years to come, I suspect the satisfaction of all my time spent in the tunnel will have paid off.

Frazer has achieved a lot within his first year at CaSE, and his dedication and commitment to excellence highlight the qualities that make him an asset to our team. We look forward to following his future career and projects at CaSE with great anticipation.

If you're interested in some of the projects and expertise shared here, we invite you to visit our Projects page and explore more about the outstanding work done by the CaSE & Pike Design Team.

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