5 Years of CaSE Civil and Structural Engineering

08 May 2022

What a difference 5 years can make!

CaSE has come a long way since 2017, from humble beginnings as a two-man team, we have evolved into a global company with more than 70 employees providing high-quality engineering service. We would not be where we are today without all the hard work and contribution of our people.

Let's take a look back at how it all started.

2017 - The Humble Beginning

The construction boom in Sydney was in its early stages. CaSE Founders, Colin Calder and Jonathan Davies have known each other for several years from projects in Asia and Australia. Together, they see a window to create a company offering skilled construction personnel and temporary works designers.

2018 - Building Foundations

The core team has been sourced from colleagues and contacts of both Jonathan and Colin that worked alongside them on major infrastructure projects across the world including the Queensferry Crossing Project in Scotland, North West Rail and Westconnex in Sydney.

2019 - The CaSE Group

The CaSE group initially offered two services. CaSE Contractors, the service that provides construction personnel on projects and CaSE Design a team to offer sustainable and innovative Design solutions on infrastructure projects. At the end of the first year the company expanded from Sydney, Australia and opened offices in Scotland and Brazil

2020 - Joining Forces

In December 2020 CaSE Design and Pike Engineering merge to become CaSE & Pike Design in Australia. Barry Pike is an industry legend and respected Temporary Works expert who joined us as a  Senior Consultant.

2021 - Expanding Services

Soon after establishing CaSE Commercial, we took experiences from our large infrastructure projects to lay the foundation of CaSE Traffic and Transport Solutions, led by Paul Szubert.

2022 - A Bright Future Ahead

CaSE has now expanded its world-class engineering capability with offices in Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, New Zealand and Houston Texas. With our global positioning, we aim to expand our offices in Asia and the Middle East in 2022.

From humble beginnings to a team of more than 80 people in 8 different countries, we continue to grow exponentially and we are tremendously excited for what the future holds.

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