CaSE Brazil: Insights and Outcomes from CPBE 2023 

14 Jun 2023

In early May, the CaSE team based in Brazil had the privilege of attending the XIV Brazilian Congress of Bridges and Structures (CBPE 2023). Our attendance at the XIV Brazilian Congress of Bridges and Structures (CBPE 2023) was a great opportunity for our team. Joakim Dupleix had the privilege of being invited to present an exceptional case study on the renowned Botany Rail Duplication project. This presentation showcased our expertise and demonstrated our contribution to the field. The event itself served as a valuable platform for civil engineers, where they could exchange knowledge, explore emerging trends, and discover innovative solutions. In this blog post, we share the enriching experiences of the CaSE team at CBPE 2023, highlighting their key takeaways from the conference.  

CBPE 2023 proved to be a transformative event, enriching our team's knowledge and skills while exposing us to new technologies, innovative solutions, and valuable connections within the field. Bruno Ribeiro, a Civil Structural Designer, expressed his excitement, stating, "Attending this unique event was a remarkable experience for me. As a first-time participant, I had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge and stay abreast of the latest technologies in our field." Bruno specifically mentioned how the presentations on Building Information Modelling (BIM) played a crucial role in enhancing his skills. "Learning about the introduction and improvement of BIM tools through software such as Allpan, Tekla, and Revit was truly invaluable." 

Victor Verga, a Design Engineer, emphasized the profound impact of the conference on his professional development. "The conference provided me with a valuable chance to learn new techniques applied in bridge engineering. It reinforced the importance of actively engaging in continuous learning, attending courses, and accessing resources that facilitate professional development," he shared. Victor further emphasized the significance of embracing such opportunities, stating, "Participating in events like CBPE helps us gain expertise, improve performance, and keep pace with the ever-evolving industry." 

When asked about the importance of professionals in the field of bridges and structures attending conferences like CBPE 2023, Joakim Dupleix, our Principal Engineer in Brazil, shared his perspective: "As structural engineers passionate about bridges, it is crucial to connect with other professionals and learn how they tackle the various challenges they face. These events not only strengthen our team members' love for bridge engineering but also provide opportunities to connect with potential clients or partners for CaSE in Brazil." Furthermore, we have also gained valuable insights and knowledge from conferences like CBPE 2023, as we are now better equipped to apply the latest advancements and industry best practices in our future projects involving our international team, ensuring that we continue to deliver innovative and high-quality bridge engineering solutions all over the world. 

Moreover, our Design Engineer, Daiana Perfoll, who also attended CBPE 2023, was particularly impressed by specific projects and approaches discussed at the conference. She remarked, "CBPE 2023 showcased two bridge engineering solutions that captured my attention." One solution, presented by Protende ABS, effectively transfers forces without causing fatigue. "Their innovative grippy saddle solution for cable-stayed bridges was truly remarkable," she affirmed. Daiana also highlighted Leonhard, Andrä & Partner's use of non-metallic reinforcement in mixed orthotropic decks, citing advantages such as corrosion resistance and cost-effectiveness. "This solution offers several benefits, including the absence of corrosion, lightweight and easy handling. Additionally, it proves to be cost-effective compared to fiberglass and carbon alternatives, while also reducing CO2 emissions by reducing the amount of required concrete and structural steel," she explained. 

A notable highlight during the Congress was Joakim's presentation on the Botany Rail Duplication project – a perfect case study exemplifying the power of international cooperation in driving innovation and enhancing project outcomes. Joakim humorously highlighted the uniqueness of his presentation, stating, "One of the main highlights of my talk was the opportunity to present an Australian project to a Brazilian audience, speaking in Portuguese as a French speaker." The experience of bridging our teams worldwide, working in different time zones to accelerate and deliver effective solutions, added a significant dimension to the conference, with the case study serving as a prime example of success. 

Attending CBPE 2023 provided the CaSE team with inspiration for future projects, as Victor mentioned, "The lectures on temporary works introduced interesting concepts that could be explored in projects with limited space for jacking." Joakim, on the other hand, was impressed by the use of basalt reinforcement, stating, "It offers the massive advantage of not being susceptible to corrosion, thus reducing the carbon footprint of bridge structures." CBPE 2023 proved to be a valuable experience for the CaSE team, expanding their knowledge, fostering connections, and inspiring innovative solutions in bridge engineering. 

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