The Great Benefits of Working Outdoors

01 Dec 2021

Studies have shown that working outdoors has many benefits.

Our team of engineers is lucky to take part in this positive effect. As engineers, our job often requires us to be on-site which also means that practising workplace safety is key. But we are also always reminded of the great science-backed benefits of working outside.

Here are the top 5 benefits of working outdoors:

1. Teamwork Improvement

It is scientifically proven that exposure to nature can improve feelings of trust, community and goodwill. Essentially, being outside makes people feel better emotionally. It contributes to your physical wellbeing, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, to muscle tension. When we feel good, we are more productive and this relates to those around us.

2. Energy Boost

Did you know that just 20 minutes in the open air provides energy equal to a cup of coffee? Well, now you do! We're not saying that you should skip your cup of joe, but being outdoors does give your brain an energy boost that is comparable to the beverage.

3. Vitamin D

Sunlight supplies 90% of our vitamin D. Getting enough vitamin D helps regulate your calcium absorption that benefits your bones and teeth development and more importantly, it improves your immune system and resistance to viruses and diseases.

4. Calorie Burner

When you're outdoor you are most likely standing up, walking around, or doing any sort of physical work. You can burn up to 440 calories per hour just by doing so.

5. Creativity Boost

Working outdoors can also boost your creative problem-solving skills by 60%. According to Marily Oppezzo, a Stanford doctoral graduate, creative thinking improves while a person is walking and shortly thereafter.

At the end of the day, no matter when our job requires us to be outdoors on-site or indoors sitting on our desks, we recognise the importance of being outside and encourage our employees to do so as well.

Take your break, have a walk, and recharge!

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