Breaking the Bias: How We Challenge The Stereotype

02 Mar 2022
team members crossing hands in solidarity to break the bias as the theme for 2022 international womens day

When you hear the word engineer, who do you think of?

Pictured here is Site Engineer, Elnaz Ebrahimi on-site and off-site.

CaSE is proud to support diversity and inclusiveness in the construction industry, and our team is actively employing women and supporting their career progression with a variety of opportunities.

Break The Bias is 2022's theme for International Women's Day. It's about being an ally to the women in our lives and giving them the opportunity they deserve. We strive to lead by example, actively moving forward to celebrate the hardworking female talents in our company through their achievements.

“Focus on finding mentors and learn from them to make your career path clear for yourself. Then just step out of your comfort zone to be what you want, work hard and enjoy life harder!”, says Elnaz.

The right photo is also Site Engineer Hemika Chaudhari, not at work but still an engineer.

"I believe that women are great at multitasking and they can do wonders if they put their heart into doing things they like. I encourage girls to believe in themselves and be persistent in whatever they think is the best for them.", says Hemika.

This year, we grab the chance to take action, enhance opportunities and rebuild post-pandemic workplaces without bias for the benefit of everyone. Recognising this gender bias towards women, particularly in the workplace is crucial as it plays an important role for us to push an equal and inclusive workplace.

Some of the efforts that we have applied in our company include an annual review of the gender pay gap, leadership and mentoring programs targeted at women, and flexible work arrangements for mums.

We also encourage our teams to be proactive daily through actionable steps like below:

  • Speak up when you witness stereotyping, even if its unintentional
  • Use skills-based assessments, not gender
  • Publicly praise women’s accomplishments
  • Share more office ‘housework’ such as taking notes, organising events, cleaning up
  • Teach young girls their worth by encouraging them to be assertive
  • Challenge what it means to “be a man” for young boys. I.e: let them feel safe to express emotions.

And we won't stop there. As our company grows, we pledge to continue to bridge the gap by adopting new opportunities and taking proactive steps along the way.

Together, we cross our hands in solidarity to #BreakTheBias

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