Throwback Thursday: Queensferry Crossing Scotland

23 Aug 2018
case civil and structural engineering project Forth Bridge Queensferry Crossing under construction

A number of the CaSE International team played an integral part in the construction of the award-winning Queensferry Crossing. The teams who were involved worked tirelessly in a number of roles including Site Engineer, Quality Manager and Section Head.

Did you know that over 10 people that worked for CaSE were involved in this project working closely with American Bridge at the time? Including Florian Dieterle, James Brand, Jonathan Davies, Calum Henderson, and John Henderson.

Since opening a year ago the impressive structure has won a number of awards as well as carry numerous Scottish and international drivers every day.

This Scottish road bridge was built alongside the existing Forth Road Bridge. The Crossing itself is a three-tower cable-stayed bridge, with an overall length of 2.7 kilometres.

Around 4 kilometres of new connecting roads were built, including new and upgraded junctions.

Our teams played key roles within FCBC, principally in the construction of the cable-stayed bridge superstructure and approach viaducts. Subsequent to the opening date, we've been commissioned to provide design and engineering services for the finishing works and maintenance.

The CaSE team has also had the privilege of sharing their insights into the construction of the Crossing - with Jonathan Davies and Florian Dieterle sharing their insights from the construction at a recent Engineers Australia event.

The Queensferry Crossing broke records when it opened and continues to be recognised globally as a significant piece of infrastructure.

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