Craig Murray

Tenders And Compliance Manager
Specialist Service

For more than 25 years Craig has expanded on a strong structural engineering background, fundamental to efficient and innovative design practices, to develop broader skills in sound planning, management and execution within the Design & Build industry, primarily in the aviation MRO sector. Design, design management, building structures advice, project management, scheduling, estimating & cost control are key strengths while his drive, accuracy, and tenacious approach to problem-solving ensures efficient, timely and cost-effective project delivery.

  • Future Submarine, Adelaide
  • Royal Fleet Hangar, Sale-Rabat Airport, Morocco 
  • Jet Aviation Hangar 2, Singapore 
  • Qantas Heavy Maintenance Docking System, Brisbane
  • Automated aircraft docking system, Singapore Airlines
  • MRT North-East Line, Singapore 
  • Overhead Crane Runway, Malaysia 
  • Aluminium Smelters, NZ
  • Transmission Line Monotowers, NZ
  • Edendale Milk Power Factory
  • Blue Mountain Lumber

Projects as CaSE
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