Russel Odendaal Joins CaSE & Pike Design as Principal Engineer

23 Aug 2021
a corporate headshot portrait of civil structural design man engineer russel odendaal in front of trees against a wall

This month, Russel Odendaal has joined us as Principal Engineer at CaSE & Pike Design!

Having started his career as a Site Engineer in the UK, Russel has been involved in various projects around the world specialising in bridges including Asia and the Middle east.

Location of Western Harbour Tunnel construction compound
Do you have any significant projects you’d like to share with us?

"I undertook the Proof Engineering for the demolition of Beatrice Bush Pedestrian Bridge, which forms part of Rozelle Interchange the final stage of WestConnex. Due to the high curved nature of the structure, stability of the segments was critical during the removal and required specialist temporary works."

What excites you about being a part of the CaSE team?

"The company seems like a family of internationally experienced engineers and professionals. Their focus on constructability and assisting contractors is an area I have always been passionate about. I look forward to learning from other like-minded individuals and working on some of Australia’s most iconic projects."

What is the greatest advice you have received?

"I received this great advice as a graduate, “Always ask why.” To this day I still follow this approach to ensure I always completely understand every detail about the work I am undertaking.

In addition, I would stress the importance of understanding structural load paths. I have always been taught before starting any structural design or analysis to quickly sketch the load paths. This ensures you have a fundamental understanding of the structure and assists in the analysis and design."

Welcome to the team, Russel!

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