Melbourne Metro Tunnel

Melbourne Metro Tunnel

The Metro Tunnel is a metropolitan rail infrastructure project currently under construction in Melbourne, Australia. It includes the construction of twin 9-kilometre rail tunnels, which CaSE was involved by detailed design check of fabricated TBM cradle support structures to span large sewer line, originally designed by others as a steel trussed frame. After structure was found to be inadequate for loading requirements, global and local strengthening to Australian Standards was specified, including FEM modelling of main trusses converted into plate girders via welded infill plates. Verification and modification of False Tunnel support structures for compliance with loads provided and relevant design codes.

CaSE Scope & Specialist Inputs:

  • Temporary works design
  • Falsework/formwork design
  • Site Inspections

CaSE Staff:

  • Craig Murray – Project Manager
  • Richard Lamb – Principal Engineer
  • Sam Li – Structural Design Modeller

Cross Yarra Partnership

Project Status