Nodes & Links: Automated Project Management Software Tool That Will Change Everything

23 Sep 2021
CaSE Engineering Nodes and Links Project Management

It is with great pleasure to announce that CaSE has joined the Nodes and Links family in partnership with Disruptive Sage. Nodes and Links is a scheduling platform for large-scale infrastructure projects! This is an exciting milestone for the company that will open up windows of opportunities with current and future clients.

Simply said; Nodes and Links does the detailed scheduled analysis working out when the nuts and bolts for the bridge (for example) should be delivered, and in what order, is the most efficient.

It is an automated project management software tool to help project managers simulate scenarios, identify complex risks and mitigate them in real-time.

Nodes and Links uses Artificial Intelligence, which has been pre-loaded with thousands of previous projects to bring efficiency to routine project management activities such as progress tracking, forecasting, quality checking, risk & opportunity management, and communication & reporting Nodes and Links helps save time and money.

Project Management accounts for 30% of the project’s budget of which, 10% is associated with white-collar labor, and 20% is associated with delay risk.

Nodes and Links undertakes complex and repetitive processes and enables people to deal with ambiguity and focus on fewer decisions made under uncertainty. The combination of machines and people will reduce project costs and increase profit by 15%.

How does it work?

This tool provides us with integrated workflows and smart AI automation with its impressive drag and drop function. Some other impressive features are:

1. Track Progress on the fly. Increase visibility by identifying the activities that are falling behind.   

2. Find your pain point at a glance! Identify activities that have the most impact on a project. Reduce the schedule risk by easily prioritising what matters. 

3. Get a list of critical tasks for your milestones! Simply pick the milestone and get a list of the tasks that can impact it the most. This allows you to focus on the things that matter. 

What does this mean for CaSE? 

CaSE has been given a unique and strong advantage to provide this system to our clients. The CaSE's team members are professionally trained to use this platform and are able to integrate this tool on projects and demonstrate to the client how to use it.

The goal is to introduce this system and educate our clients on the benefits it brings to major projects.

Get in touch with Patrick Deed to learn more about how this software can help your project.

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