How CaSE Celebrates International Women in Engineering Day

27 Jun 2022

Achieving gender equality and elevating women in the engineering industry has been a part of our mission from the get-go! To mark International Women in Engineering Day, our teams are learning even further on how to put the highest standards of equality at the centre of everything we do. In conjunction with our second Quarterly Update of the year, our teams in Sydney got together to reconnect with one another last week.

International Women in Engineering Day is a big deal here at CaSE. Keeping the conversation about gender equality going is crucial to creating change!

Recent findings have shown that only 11.2% of working engineers in Australia are women. Fathers are 2x more likely to have a STEM qualification than mothers. By 2030, Australia needs at least an extra 100,000 engineers to cover projects. This means that engineering is facing a skills shortage.

We also had the privilege to welcome Leadership Coach, Loretta Mitchell who led a very insightful training.

Change comes from contributing within your capacity. The beauty of it is that it looks different for everyone. It can be from your daily conversations with your team members, giving credit where it's due, to actively hiring female leaders in your company.

It’s safe to say we ended the night feeling inspired, recharged, and excited for what's to come!

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