Geometry Control for Precast Segmental Construction by Joakim Dupleix

21 Jun 2021
geometry control for precast segmental construction for al bustan site view

Al Bustan Corridor project in Qatar.

Principal Engineer Joakim Dupleix had the honour to contribute a very insightful piece of article for E-Mosty Magazine.

Joakim shares his key learnings about Geometry Control for Precast Segmental Construction from the experience he obtained during this project in Qatar.

SABAH AL AHMAD CORRIDOR (previously called Al Bustan) is part of the Qatar Expressway Programm and aims to provide an alternative to the existing expressway with free flow traffic on a length of 14 km from the North of Central Doha to the South, to improve connectivity to the FIFA World Cup stadiums. The project involved upgrading the existing main road by constructing various overhead bridges over existing crossroads, as well as connecting ramps to remove traffic lights.

Read his article here:

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