Building Back Wiser on World Engineering Day

04 Mar 2022

We can't imagine a world without engineers. Can you?

World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development was proclaimed by UNESCO and takes place every March 4th ever since 2020. This day offers an opportunity to highlight engineers and their achievements in our modern world.

This year, we are tapping into the theme of Build Back Wiser, which means engineers need to consider the environmental impact for the future in equal measure to the traditional drivers of quality, cost and time.

It is engineering innovations that will help change the world.

It is engineers that will ensure cities are cleaner, more sustainable, smarter and livable.

It is engineers that help build a better and more sustainable world.

We recognise the importance of this message and it is our responsibility as engineers to adapt and transition to new ways that would impact positively for our future.

One of the many actions that we have taken towards this goal is adopting BIM (Building Information Technology) to our practises. Using BIM allows us to demonstrate value in reducing cost, time, and increasing the quality of our projects.

Thank you engineers of the world for your dedication and hard work. Here's to building a sustainable world and constantly learning!

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