A Day in the Life Of an Engineer

23 Jun 2021
a portrait of female civil engineer elnaz ebrahimi on construction site wearing protective hard hat and hi vis vest

"My biggest hope for the future of women in the industry is self-efficacy belief for Women in Engineering." - Site Engineer, Elnaz Ebrahimi.

Every 23rd of June we celebrate International Women in Engineering Day. We sat down and spent some time with Elnaz as she takes us through a day in her life as an engineer.

The engineering industry remains a heavily male-dominated industry, which is why equality and diversity in the workplace are values that we strive for every day. By creating opportunities and having open conversations that help women continue to shape the world (especially the STEM industry), we are determined to close this gap.

Ladies, today is about celebrating your career achievements, promoting them, and continuing the journey to encourage more females to be a part of this incredibly rewarding industry.

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