Jonathan Davies Promoted to Managing Director of CaSE

16 Jun 2020
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We are very pleased to announce the promotion of Jonathan Davies to the position of Managing Director of CaSE. Goes by the name of Jono, he is one of the founders of the company and has worked steadfastly in developing CaSE and its skilled personnel which incorporates a Temporary Works division as well as the supply of experienced personnel seconded into Contractors’ Teams. Jono has been the major driving force behind the evolution of the Company which now operates in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Africa and South America. Read more to get to know him better.

How was your experience in the Sydney Metro Northwest project?

As my first client-side role this project was a challenge for me in that suddenly I didn’t need to build the project and solve the challenges myself, instead I was there to advise Sydney Metro and guide the contractor to achieve the best outcome possible in terms of safety, programme and quality. It meant adjusting my mindset and it definitely gave me a different perspective on a project and how a client considers success on a project.

Highlights from your Osborne South Development project?

Strand jacking the walls of the 50-meter high 'ship erection hall' from horizontal to vertical is definitely out of the norm, but possible.

What are your hopes for the future of female engineers?

I believe the current generation of Managers and Engineers' responsibility is to break down the barriers preventing women excelling in the Construction Industry, among many other things we do this by creating an inclusive workspace. I have two young daughters and I hope by the time they are young women they will be able to enter the workplace on equal terms as men.

Have projects coming up we can assist with? Get in touch with Jonathan Davies.

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