Improving Mental Health Care Through EAP Partnership

08 Oct 2021
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Progression can only come from a place where employees feel supported and safe. More importantly, as a society, we have come this far to understand and unlearn all the stigma about mental health. It's obvious now that we thrive the best in anything that we do when we take the time to focus on our mental health and self-care.

Our people have always been the core asset of CaSE. We value them more than just their skillsets and what they bring to the table as employees, but more importantly for who they are. This year, we are stepping up to support the mental health and well-being of our people more than ever.

The conversation to have a Wellbeing Support Group internally has always been an incentive that we plan to take on board. But this idea was further ignited due to the ongoing global pandemic that has impacted our teams, particularly the ones who are based in Australia and had to go into months of lockdown.

We've decided to dedicate a special month in October 2021 for well-being. To boost our team's morale and spirits, we included month-long initiatives such as live webinars, step challenges, trivia games, card gifting, fundraising and more. We also heavily encourage mindfulness and re-institute work-life boundaries.

To further support our team members, CaSE has partnered with Acacia Connections to provide Employee Assistance Programs. This enables our teams to access up to three free counseling sessions throughout the year with a licensed professional to support their needs. This service also extends to family members that might be in need.

We pledge to continuously strive to create a positive and connected workplace culture. Our biggest goal is to de-stigmatize discussing mental health in the workplace. We want to ensure that everyone feels visible and safe, always.

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