Russel Odendaal

Principal Engineer
Specialist Service

Russel has over 10 years’ experience in the analysis, design and construction of various permanent and temporary structures varying from integral prestressed concrete bridges and viaducts to braced excavations. These projects have been located throughout the world in Australia the UK, Asia, and the Middle East.

Russel has worked with contractors on site supervising the construction of bridges giving him a good understanding of constructability which is incorporated into his designs. Russel has excellent analytical and design skills having undertaken various finite element models consisting of plate and solid elements, with both linear and non-linear analysis requirements.

Russel's Key Project Experience:

  • Elimbah Creek, QLD
  • Flagstone Bridge, QLD
  • AMSA Lighthouse Inspections, QLD
  • Bundamba Creek Bridge, QLD
  • Centra Highlands Major Bridge, QLD
  • Edinburgh Gateway Station, Scotland
  • Cochrane Street, QLD
  • Crossrail- Whitechapel Station, UK
  • Walker Finn Bridge, QLD
  • Joyce Chapel Bridge, VIC
  • TMR Bremer River Timber Bridge, QLD
  • Duck Reach Suspension Bridge, TAS
  • Aurizon Small Span Bridge, QLD
  • Jamuna Bridge, Bangladesh
  • Hampton Dry Dock, UK
  • Iverness West Link, Scotland
Projects as CaSE
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