Bolivia Hill Bridge

Bolivia Hill Bridge

The New England Highway Upgrade at Bolivia Hill, 58km north of Glen Innes, included  the construction of a 3-span, 320m long by 11.8m wide box girder bridge. With the remote location, and long bridge spans of up to 150m, construction methods used post-tensioned balanced cantilever technology and cast-in-situ concrete.


Georgiou and SRG Global Joint Venture (GSRG) were awarded the AUD 40 million construct only contract.


CaSE Design was engaged by GSRG as the Specialist Temporary Works (TW) Consultant to check various TW equipment and installations, both new and existing, throughout the construction phase.

CaSE Scope & Specialist Inputs:

  • Pier segment falsework/ formwork​ check and certification
  • Form-traveler modifications
  • Design, inspection
  • Pier segment reinforcement 3D modelling, 2D detailing
  • Rebar/embedment clash study
  • Permanent and Temporary Works Interface checking
  • Temporary to Permanent Works connection design
  • Bridge Specialist technical support

Watch Transport for NSW’s video on the project to get more information.



Georgiou / SRG JV / Arcadis

Project Status