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This is a full time position within our UK team based in Glasgow. This role requires a Structural Engineer with experience in Contracting Consultancy.

About Case

CaSE Contractors provides experienced project management and technical services to major civil infrastructure contractors. CaSE Design are a team of highly skilled professionals delivering specialised design solutions for temporary works across complex structures. Predominantly temporary works design / value engineering. We operate predominantly in the steel bridges sector.
CaSE Contractors and CaSE Design are a dedicated and experienced team who will provide a wealth of knowledge to their clients and colleagues. Formed in 2017 by key members of team responsible for the Queensferry Crossing Construction. We have offices in Edinburgh, Australia, Spain and Brazil.

Duties to include:

  • Working closely on temporary works schemes with clients and other professionals
  • Developing design ideas using CAD software
  • Investigating the properties of steel and concrete, and advising which is most suitable
  • Working out the loads and stresses on different parts of a structure
  • Using computer simulations to predict how structures will react under different conditions
  • Inspecting unsafe bridges/buildings and recommending options for repairs or demolition
  • Making sure that projects meet legal guidelines, environmental directives, and health and safety requirements
  • preparing bids for tenders
  • Supervising project teams
  • Giving progress reports to clients and senior managers


Structural Engineering: 3 years

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